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The difference and parameters of Kefeng silicone softener May 06 , 2023

Softeners can be divided into two types: fatty acid derivatives and silicone oils. The former is a traditionally widely used softener, while the latter is a newcomer. The development of silicone softeners is very fast, and new varieties with various properties and functions are constantly being developed and listed.




     Because silicone softeners not only have a better softening effect than traditional softeners, but also have better durability in finishing. Therefore, it has occupied the dominant position in the use of soft finishing of textiles. But because of its durable effect, once there are dyeing defects that can only be solved by repairing and dyeing, or defects occur due to careless operation of the soft-treated stopper, or color changes are caused by softening, it can be repaired. will become more difficult.




     In essence, silicone oil is an "oil" insoluble in water, and it must be emulsified before it can be used in washing, dyeing and finishing production. Some so-called water-soluble silicone oil varieties have the function of self-emulsification in water. If the properties and characteristics of silicone oil are not grasped during use, and the required process conditions are seriously violated, the problem of demulsification and oil separation will also occur.




    Brief introduction of kefeng softener:


    Kefeng softener is a new type of linear amino high molecular weight polyether polysiloxane block copolymer, which has excellent emulsion stability, maintains the smoothness and fluffiness of natural fibers, and gives soft and full hand feeling. It is different from traditional amino poly Compared with siloxane, the softness, bulkiness, slipperiness, and yellowing properties have all been greatly changed, and the outstanding effect has been recognized and affirmed by customers.




    Kefeng softener features:


     1. It has good thermal stability, wear resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating, and low surface tension;


     2. All-purpose textile softener, which can be diluted arbitrarily;


     3. High temperature resistance, high acid and alkali, electrolyte, high shear, no delamination, stable performance, easy to use, very low yellowing;


     4. In the operation process, there is no phenomenon of sticking rollers, cylinders, floating oil, and demulsification of traditional silicone oil, and the phenomenon of silicon spots that troubled the industry no longer exists;


     5. It can endow the washable elastic, fluffy, smooth and soft style, and can improve the tear strength of the fabric;


     6. Good permeability, can enter the fabric fiber to make the fabric fluffy, smooth and soft;


     7. Reduce the friction coefficient between fibers, make the fibers easier to slide relative to each other, and make the fabric softer and fluffier;


     8. Compared with ordinary amino silicone oil, it gives the fabric a more prominent soft, smooth and fluffy feel;


     9. Green and environmentally friendly additives, free of APEO and NPEO, comply with European and American ROHS environmental protection standards.




     Application range of Kefeng softener:


     1. Finishing of synthetic fiber yarns and fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, polyester, acrylic, etc. in dyeing factories;


     2. Smooth, soft and fluffy finishing of jeans, washed cloth, sweaters, etc. in the washing factory;


     3. Used in towel factories to make the finished towels smooth, soft, fluffy and thick;


     4. The knitted fabric in the knitting factory is softened before setting, so that the fabric can be stretched to the required width and not easily deformed;




     Kefeng softener diluting and operation process:


     Dilute for reference (Kefeng softener is diluted according to 1:10 as an example), stir slightly, raw material ratio Chengfeng softener: 10KG, water 100 KG


Technological process: Add 100KG water into the mixing bucket, stir with a wooden stick, slowly add 10KG softener, stir for 1-3 minutes, then pack it for later use or use.




     Dipping method:


     Dilute solution: 2-5% (o.w.f)


     Bath ratio: 1:10-15


     Temperature: room temperature


     Time: 15-30min


     The effect is better when the pH is lower than 6.0.




     Padding method:


     Kefeng softener solution: 10-50g/L, one soaking and one rolling or one dipping and two rolling.


     (Note: The above process is for reference only, users need to conduct their own experiments to confirm before production.)




     Kefeng softener safety precautions:


     Avoid swallowing or inhalation of Kefeng softener, and avoid contact with eyes; if Chengfeng softener touches the eyes, mouth and other parts, rinse with plenty of water in time, and if the situation is serious, send to the hospital for treatment in time.




     Packaging and storage of Kefeng softener:


     The packaging specification is 50KG or 120KG new plastic barrels lined with plastic bags, which should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated place. The shelf life is half a year; this product is an environmentally friendly product, non-dangerous, and can be transported safely.

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