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Preparation method of linear polyether modified silicone oil May 06 , 2023

Linear silicone oil has many unique advantages and has been widely used. But for special purposes. There are also deficiencies. In order to improve some properties and uses of linear silicone oil, modified silicone oil has been researched and developed. Different modifiers and modification methods. It endows silicone oil with different characteristics and broadens its application fields. The modifying group can bind both ends, single end, side chain or both ends and side chain of the linear polysiloxane. Therefore, there are many types of modified silicone oils.

Polyether modified silicone oil refers to a type of oil polymer in which the side chain or earth chain of linear silicone oil (mainly dimethyl silicone oil) is connected with polyether segment. That is to say, the molecular structure of this silicone oil has both a hydrophilic polyether block that imparts hydrodynamic properties and a hydrophobic polydimethylsiloxane segment that imparts low surface tension. This special amphiphilic structure makes it a surfactant with excellent performance. It has been widely used as a polyurethane pool foam stabilizer, emulsifier, and cosmetic additive (promoting the diffusion of cosmetics to the skin or hair, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) , mousse, perfume, soap, skin care products, hair products, etc., easy to comb, anti-static, shiny), plastic additives, paint wetting agents, fabric hydrophilic anti-static (giving water absorption, sweat absorption, anti-static properties) And softening agent, defoaming agent, water-soluble lubricant, glass anti-fogging agent, etc. It is one of the main varieties of modified silicone oil.

Polyether modified silicone oil is divided into two types: hydrolyzed type and non-hydrolyzed type according to the connection form of polyether chain segment and silicon atom on the polysiloxane chain. The name is connected with the Si-o-c key, which is unstable. It is easy to hydrolyze and is called hydrolyzable type; the one linked by Si-C is stable to water and is called non-hydrolyzable type. Non-hydrolyzable polyether modified silicone oil is the main product form and has many applications.

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